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Hydroprem has over 8 years experience in Water Treatment Systems and water recycling technologies. We are working in association a company in Florida, United States Abney Water Systems Inc. We make use of their expertise especially in the field of industrial water solutions. Works together to adopt most suitable method of filtration suits the circumstances. After each case study we suggest most practical applications and surprisingly more cost effective also, since cartridges last longer and is up to 200 times less expensive than that of bottled water. 

Our aim is to offer value for money whilst maintaining high levels of service and good technical support. Every member of our support staff is well trained in different types of water treatment systems.

Hydroprem offers the complete range of water treatment equipment which includes ultra pure fully validated turnkey packages, a full range of off the shelf tried and tested water treatment equipment, water purification plant, rinse water recovery systems, effluent treatment and waste water recovery solutions. All our products are Eco-friendly and health improving. All our products are sustainable.

Our custom designed purifiers for domestic, hotel, food and beverage industry, laundry, spa, swimming pool, offshore, tourism industry applications supported with full time telephone operators, technical support Engineers and dispatch staff - ensuring all questions, inquiries and orders are processed both quickly and accurately.

We value all our clients and strive to deliver lifelong value throughout out the life span of every machine installed. We ensure prompt support after sales all service request will be attended in 48 hours.
Improve health save money drinking water solutions for flats, villas and communities- well water, municipal and saline water applications.

Superb cost effective drinking water for Offices, sustainability program at workplace and factories.

Reduce your water bill by reusing washing water for flushing, gardening, farming, farmhouses, laundry, swimming pool, spas and car wash.

Chlorine free water to shower drink, cook, no more risk of breathing chlorine. Enhance over all health of entire family Whole House Water purifier for flats, villas and hotels.

Sea Water Purifier for Resorts, Offshore, Water bottling pants.

More chlorine enter body through skin while shower, more water contaminants are released into the air than from any other source. Shower Filter can solve this less cost. Bathing in hard water can affect your hair, skin and well being.

Custom build Industrial Water Purifier application in boiler feed water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage.
Residential and Industrial Water Solutions
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